Hiking up Cardigan - Mountain Zen

I went up a mountain

and came down in the dark. It sounds a lot more hard-core than it really was. Be that as it may, I had a good time, and took some pictures.

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Hexo in Win10 took me way too long

I really tried hard

It was my own fault, really…

I though it would be a fine time to start a blog, so I said “I know, I’ll use one of those cool static blog generators.”

I also thought it might be a good idea to use my creaky old Windows laptop, which was feeling pretty okay with Windows 10. Let’s do it!

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Borrowing an Axe

This is how it starts

I figured I should start a blog. Here’s how it starts, with a borrowed framework
dangling off an old hosting account someone else is using for more profitable
purposes. It is, in it’s own way, rather Thoreauvian.

Here I will try my best to become something of a proper journal writer or even a personal essayist. Of course, that’s what everyone is doing, writing personal essays. Well, me too. I’ll start with a collection of really horrible essays while I try my best to power through and (re)gain some skill and facility with this. It certainly isn’t going to be pretty at first.

I wonder if I should try other things here as well, like maybe fiction. Time will tell.