This is a blog, mostly.

Hopefully it’s not too bad.

I do a great many things, often poorly, or not long enough. But while I’m doing them they are obsessions. This has become a problem lately as I spiral faster and faster from project to project tying to find something that is more or less definitive of my character. That’s kind of dumb, you say. And it’s true, but it’s also how I operate.

I have resolved, therefore, to try to write down some of the things I am doing, and why, and how it came to be like this. It is my own somewhat self-absorbed project.

Things that I actually do:

  • develop web applications (ruby and javascript, mostly, as my real career).
  • manage projects (legitimately, also as my real career).
  • write bad prose (only the worst, my one-time career goal), some of which I will subject you to.
  • play banjo poorly (just try not to hear it, I defy you).

Things that I have recently tried to do:

  • Throw a yo-yo (it came back! more than once!).
  • Run (plantar fasciitis in both feet? I won!).
  • Study Napoleonic history.
  • Study Zen buddhism (the real thing, not the new-age thing).
  • Maintain an old house (it hasn’t fallen over yet).
  • Write a blog.
  • A zillion other things…

Who the heck knows what else I’ll do, or what this blog will become. Certainly not me.